Work Experience

From July, 2008 to March 2009, I worked as an intern for Pixar. I had two internships in this time, working in their tools group. The first part was spent in the "maintenance" department, fixing bugs and adding features to various deployed tools, and the second part was in the R&D group, working on the next-generation animation software. For more details, see my resume.

In the Summer of 2007, I worked for Novamente, LLC. Their ultimate goal is the creation of a thinking machine. Their current project is to build the software that will control intelligent agents within Second Life--animals. I coded and tested the navigation algorithm for the animals, so they can intelligently get from one place to another without trying to run into obstacles. My part of the project was successful, and will eventually be used in Second Life.

The Summer of 2006, I worked at the Wright Institute. I worked as a web developer, primarily unifying the looks, navigation, and resources of five similar web sites on separate domains. I also served as a sort of technical consultant for small IT decisions.

I have also written several other small web sites and web pages, some for student organizations and departments at Lawrence University.